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Thesis Titles

Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology College of Architecture AR-443 Assignment In seek Method Submitted By Neonimfa G. Angala Ar-4A Submitted to Arch. Ofelia M. Bawan Title VERTICAL HOUSING + SMALL casing FARM (hydroponics and aeroponics) crochet Agriculture is the main industry of the people because of its naturally rich soil. Lowland crops such as rice, corn, onions, vegetables and sugarcane atomic number 18 produced in gigantic quantities and Nueva Ecija is widely referred to as the Rice Bowl of the orbit. Agriculture has play a vital role in molding the culture of the people.The typic Novo Ecijano family is tightly knit and is the basic starting unit on the farm. Nueva Ecija is unity of the top producers of agricultural products in the country. Its principal crops are mainly rice but corn and onion are also produced in quantity. The duty is often referred to as the Rice Granary of the Philippines. Other major crops are onion, existencego, calamansi (cala mondin orange), banana, garlic, and vegetables. The town of Bongabon at the eastern part of the province at the piece of the Sierra Madre Mountains and its neighbouring Laur and Rizal are the major producers of onion and garlic.Bongabon is called the onion capital of the country. A sunflower farm is also housed inside the Central Luzon severalize University campus in Science City of Munoz. Nowadays in Nueva Ecija most of the tillages were charm to subdivisions and whatever periods commercial buildings and houses. To have a solution to these problems, the purpose of this suffer is to have a spacious place for dwelling and for farming without losing the farmland in the Nueva Ecija. It also aims to have a land for those people who need to farm exactly inside his property without buying any farmlands. sooner of horizontal widening, it is vertically. TitleHow Architects Manage his Time Between God and his Profession. Abstract Man was designed with a great capacity for God. But si n, which is mans own individuality, pride and victimize thinking, keeps him from relating to God. Sin is a wrong relationship with God it is not wrong doing, but wrong being it is deliberate and stubborn independence from God, triggered by choice and personal danger masked as pride. He has the freedom to make choices, but he cannot choose the consequences of his choices. They will turn around and define his circumstances. Spending term for work and for God is hard specially if one choose work over God.The problem is can architects manage to equally spend their duration praising God and doing work? How can it change his life if he choose God instead of work? Title Edutainment An Eco-Friendly Educational frolic Park Abstract Amusement parksandtheme parksare terms for a group ofentertainmentattractions,rides, and other events in a location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people. An pleasure park is much elaborate than a simple city park orplayground, ordinarily providin g attractions meant to cater specifically to certain(p) age groups, as well as some that are aimed towards all ages.Theme parks, a specific type of pleasure park, are commonplacely much more intricately themed to a certain subject or group of subjects than normal amusement parks. Nowadays some schools hold field trips to amusement parks may be because amusement parks dont have educational purposes for the students and other spectators. The usual amusement park is just filled with rides and for leisure only. The project aims to be educational at the same time having a great time inside the amusement park for the students and also for young children to learn faster. With great sustainable ways that can help the amusement park to be an eco-friendly.

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