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The Easter Uprising of 1916 Essay -- Essays Papers

The east wind Uprising of 1916The east wind Uprising of 1916 was an event that happened at the tail end of a long list of events that would forever neuter Ireland. The Uprising or ascent, as some call it, took place in general in Dublin but was felt through extinct Ireland. The point was to get ahead independence from Great Britain who had ruled Ireland for the past couple hundred years. At the turn of the 19th century England believed that Ireland had too much independence and make the Act of Union. The result was the Act of Union of 1801 the Irish parliament voted itself out of existence and England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales were formally politically unified for the first time (Hegarty 2). round the time of the First World struggle, Ireland began the fight for the Home control to be enacted. But this kind of rule was quickly overturned with the start of the Easter Rising in 1916 two years after World War I broke out in Europe. The pull of the Home Rule Act led to th e formation of the Citizen Army which was a major convey of the Easter Rising. James Connolly used the Citizen Army to protect his newspaper The Workers commonwealth to call for an armed revolt (Green 5). The Easter Uprising left 440 British and 75 Irish troops dead in the end. To shows the disapproval of the Rising Britain publicly executed fifteen leaders of the Uprising and 60 others via ignition system squad. Many more other were sentenced to long prison terms.Of all of the things that could arrive happened in Ireland, the Easter Uprising was by far the most less-traveled thing to do in the eye of the Dublin public. The majority of battalion in Dublin at the beginning of the 20th century did not want the Uprising to happen, because it would postp genius the ability to gain their independ... ...land continues to be one of the quickest growing countries in modern day Europe notwithstanding all of the problems it had to put up with to get there.SourcesBBC, The. The Ex ecutions. 8, February 2004 BBC 1 The Blacks and Tans.8, February 2004Easter Uprising, The The Easter Uprising of 1916. 8 February 2004 http//www.geocities.com/rollofhonour32/1916.htmlGreen, Michael. The Easter Rising in Ireland, 1916. 30 January 2004Hegarty, N and Harvey-Craig, A. History of Dublin. 25 January 2004 Luby, Damian. Irish Liberation. 25 January 2004

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