Thursday, March 21, 2019

Servant Leadership in Romantic Relationships Essay -- servant-leadersh

When both people come unneurotic and form a alliance the irresolution of who should wear the pants in the kin may come to light. Should the domain be the head of the relationship? But why asst the charwoman be the leader? My perspective on a relationship is both people going through this crazy journey we call sprightliness side by side. The servant-leaders theory supports my perspective that a leader can effectively lead by serving first his followers.The servant-leadership theory does not place the leader above the followers. It rather puts the attention of the leader on emphasizing the concerns of the followers, empathizing with them and nurturing them (Northouse, 2013). This theory focuses on the followers first. The leader must clear those he/she is serving so that the person can reach their right potential. The leader focuses on the greater good of the root. Northouse (2013) explains that Greenleaf identified 10 characteristics that are central to the development of servant-leadership. The ten characteristic include listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the maturement of people, and building community. Following these characteristics we can begin to explain the servant leadership role in a relationship.In order for a relationship to be successful each member will need to allow in on the role of servant-leader. The important aspect is that the two individuals are flavour out for each other. They both are nurturing the relationship and doing what will be best for the greater good of the relationship. Listening is very important in order for this to occur. There is a difference between hearing and actively listening. When bingle actively listens, they can pick out the... ...thers life together. to each one person now has a new family, a new group of friends, and will even create a family of their own. As a servant-leader one should encourage their partner to continue the ir old friendships and make new friends together in the process. This will help the relationship feel safe and committed with others.Meeting someone who youd like to share every irregular with is a wonderful experience. Being a leader does not call up taking charge of the other person or being domineering in order to get your way. Successful relationships are those where both individuals behave each other and know when it is appropriate to lead. Servant-leadership shows that leading side by side in order to grow together and nurture the relationship can be an effective way to lead.ReferenceNorthouse, P.G. (2013). Leadership hypothesis and Practice. Los Angeles Sage Publications.

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