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Fatal Errors of Brutus :: essays papers

Fatal Errors of BrutusWilliam Shakespe atomic number 18s The calamity of Julius Caesar is built upon the six lethal mistakes that Brutus unknowingly performs. Brutus believes he uses wise impression and cunning skill in his plans to prevail over Caesar. There are three errors that seem to be the most significant. They are refusing to take an oath, not killing Antony and allowing Antony to speak at Caesars funeral. The plot against Caesar is first devised by Cassius, who slowly allows Brutus to take over the arrangements. This is when Brutus miscalculations eventually lead him to his own downfall.First, Brutus truthfully feels that the conspirators have enough will and intelligence to keep the plot concealed from others. He believes the conspirators will not confer with any genius who may feel betrayed by their plans and protect Caesar. For this reason, Brutus strongly goes against the conspirators taking an oath to pledge their loyalty to the group. Brutus go on by stating tha t through each conspirators own private motive for defeating Caesar is sufficient enough to bind them together. Brutus is dreadfully mistaken. The conspirators feel no actual degree of loyalty. They feel free to have doubts and discuss them with others. This is be true when Artemidorus is revealed writing a letter to Caesar. The letter warns Caesar of the conspirators and names each one. The only possible way that Artemidorus could have been aware of the plan is if one of the conspirators felt the need to speak openly about the plot.Later, the question of whether or not to kill Antony is brought up by the conspirators. Brutus and Cassius disagree on the answer. Cassius believes it would be best to kill Antony so that there is no fear of strike back from him. Brutus does not see the threat in Antony. He sees Antony as solely a limb that has no power once Caesar is dead. The men because decide, through Brutus persuasion, that it is pointless and too bloody to kill Anton y. This error causes Brutus crowning(prenominal) downfall in the end. It would have been wise for the conspirators to kill Antony instead of cladding him in their last battle. Finally, once Caesar is dead, Antony proposes to speak at his funeral. Cassius and Brutus again disagree. Cassius knows it is unwise to allow one of Caesars loyal friends to address the people at the funeral.

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