Thursday, February 21, 2019

How does Homer make Essay

The scene with Charybdis and Scylla is one of the best pictured scenes in the whole Odyssey, aiming not to build tension into the readers still to scary or even terrify them. Actu every(prenominal)y, the whole story does not perplex when Odysseus faces the danger but a bit earlier. When Circe tells him what to kind of monster he all in allow for meet, this anticipates us to shit ready for real horror and builds up the tension as they atomic number 18 sailing. But when the Trojan heroes reach the issue the horror is even bigger than what we are ready for. Only the start-off sentence contains more(prenominal)(prenominal) than enough to see the high seriousness of the situation.Odysseus men are wailing in terror i. e. all the braveness and manhood are gone and they look more alike women or babies. But all this seems to be quite logical when we read the effective description of Charybdis that mark uses. Adjectives such as awesome, fearful and dreadful gives the reader the s upposition that the ship is doomed to disappear forever. Moreover, Charybdis does not just throw absent the water but it vomits it and it rains down verbs showing how massive and powerful the whirlpool is.The allegory with a cauldron is not long or detailed, but actually it gives the best possible image of what danger Odysseus and his men are. If they get even one inch closer probably all will be boiled. What completes the picture is the fearful sound bell ringer includes the rocks re-echoed to her fearful thunder Charybdis resembles a lion ready to swallow everything on his way. Once over again the reaction of Odysseus men draws an exact image of the terror my men saturnine pale helpless fearing for their livelinesss, afraid to move or say a word.Thus frozen, now Odysseus men face even a bigger surprise and terror with Scylla having grabbed 6 of them. The unexpected change throws the reader in even greater tension, but what is worse is that Odysseus loses his strongest men . Now Homer draws us into one sense helplessness. First the description of Scylla is skillfully do to show how doomed is the whole situation she snatched and whisked Odysseus comrades while they are interruption in the air.The choice of words is not random, but aims to build up senses of power and violence on the one side and fear and conclusion on the other. Once again Homer uses sounds but this time in a different way. The dangling men are calling Odysseus, who he cant do anything but standing and looking at them. Just a silent witness. Homer uses a precise simile to draw the way in which Scylla swallows the men. She is like an angler and they are like fish -description that crates the feeling that the sailors are small and insignificant and this is the natural differentiate the angler must catch his dinner.The reader by now feels more than pity but Homer goes on showing us how the humble fishes are suffering and struggling and shrieking in desperate throes, all of this acti on looking worthless but showing will for life, life that they will lose very soon. Odysseus is sad for his men and admits that he has never seen a more pitiable sight. That makes even bigger characterization knowing about Odysseus meetings with the Cyclops, the Laestrygonians, the Sirens etc. He has endured much and seen even more but that is the only moment he feels so helpless, useless and wordless.

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