Thursday, September 12, 2019

Types of Technology in a Business Environment Research Paper

Types of Technology in a Business Environment - Research Paper Example Technology is crucial for war, peace, business, and life. This is the reason why man has abandoned the technology of the bow and arrows to move on to the technology of the nuclear bomb. It is also the rationale why man has to improve his means of communication. Businesses prosper and become competitive only when the most advanced technology is used and life only becomes comfortable when the most advanced technology is tapped. Given the current economic environment of financial crisis where costs have to be tapered down and yet operational efficiency and power must be maintained, technology is a crucial part of the solution for business survival. It is therefore imperative to look into the types of technology that businesses can use to maintain competitiveness, efficiency, and survival if not profitability. In this work, I looked into four types of technology which I believe businesses will have to access if they want to be competitive in their industry. My impression is that the tech nologies that I will discuss will enable businesses to cut on labor and professional costs while making work and life easier for labor as they make the latter more productive. One type of technology which I consider has been significantly changing the way we conduct businesses are the mobile computers. Of course, we have witnessed how the laptop enabled an element of the work force to be productive wherever he or she may be. The laptop enabled the businessman to bring anywhere not only his or her organization’s business data.

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