Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Company Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Company Analysis Paper - Essay Example Dell has been successful in the computer industry while other companies such as Sony and Toshiba have not made as much as Dell. In the computer industry the products that are produced have a very short life cycle and for this reason products quickly become obsolete. Toshiba and Sony have only tried to make a steady supply of their products but in the computer industry this is not very important, what is important in the computer industry is flexibility. Flexibility means that a volume of one product is supplied quickly and when there is a change in technology a company must switch quickly and offer the new product to the market.1 Dell has succeeded in changing their products when a new technology emerges. This is followed by a well organised supply chain where products are offered in the market, for this reason therefore Dell has been successful due to their quick adoption to new technology that emerge in the production of computers and computer products. The other reason why Dell has been successful is the adoption of a sophisticated supply network, Dell products are shipped directly from the supplier to the end customer, customers will only order their products and they are directly delivered to them, this has ensured a very effective supply chain which has led to the success of Dell, its competitors like Toshiba and Sony have not adopted such supply networks and for this reason they have not been in a position to succeed in this industry.2 Performance measures in the computer industry: Performance measures are those indicators that help a company to define and measure the progress of the company, the computer industry has come up with benchmarks to measure performance, the Raw speed is one of benchmark used to measure performance in this industry, it is a measure from SPEC which stands for standard performance evaluation Corp, this benchmark measures the central processing unit, however this measure does not consider how fast data can be retrieved from the hard disk and this measure is complicated. Another test checks the CPU integer performance. This means checking how the CPU handles simple tasks, the other measure is the SPECINT95 which checks how the product handles complex mathematics. Another performance measure is the graphic performance benchmark, it is aimed at measuring how fast computers will run graphic intensive applications, and the graphic performance measure is provided by the GPC which stands for Graphic performance committee. Project two: SWOT analysis: Strengths: Strength of the Dell company is that the company offer customised products to its consumers, the company products are built to order, the customer orders and he or she is shipped the product, for this reason therefore the customer gets what he or she wants, this is a strength through which the company is able to communicate with its customers and they are able to understand their needs which is a key to success in every business. The other strength is the introduction of internet order of products, customers order through the internet which enable a swift and improved distribution process, this also enables the expansion of value added services, through the introduction

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