Sunday, May 12, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 16

Summary - Essay ExampleIndividuals such as Francis L. Lawrence have been expressed to the stipulations shunning prejudice due to his utterance. Francis L. Lawrence once expressed that blacks were the most disadvantaged and lacked contractable hereditary to merit any higher advantage. Craig Rogers also filed an expensive case about her lesbian prof of psychology for leaving her feeling rapped and also trapped.Learning institutions have formulated strategies to ensure no security deposit to prejudice of any manner ranging from racial discrimination to Christian bashing. This has been implemented to ensure that the nightspot is favorable to the perceived minorities. By resisting of all timey element of prejudice, it does not depict that the racial aspect does not exist in every individual. Nonetheless intellectual pluralism should be embraced to permit respect of expression of every individual. Only when racism and other forms of prejudice are expunged, The suppression of prejudice targets the time when there will be a fare belief among individuals in the society that there is no difference in human origin, a provision that is even doubted still. The author states that, I doubt such a day will ever arrive. The feeling of segregation is recurrent in human and should be suppressed every time. If a total freedom exists, people will be legitimate in their diverse thoughts such as mania of the homosexuals, their barrier to reproduction and the doubts they impose on people. Moreover, as the efforts are geared towards doing away with the prejudice it is completed that no much achievement are attained and as a result the conditions worsen. Therefore, it would be novel to start thinking and implementing the facets of prejudice at the expense of eliminating them. Prejudice has caused much confusion in the society and bad habits in the society such as homosexuality benefit from the policies and opposing homosexuality is a prejudice to the group. For instance the stu dent

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