Thursday, May 9, 2019

Deaf Reflection Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Deaf Reflection - Coursework ExampleI tone that the teachers ought to protect the deaf students. This is because they better soundless the deaf student than some(prenominal) other person did. There was no register for the deaf in the country, therefore the authorities would not have accounted for any deaf student missing (Biesold 143). I feel disappointed with some national socialist educationalist. I believe that educationalist can understand the right of each child and the importance of education. I get disappointed when some Nazi educationalist questioned the education of the deaf, terming it as wasteful, instead of enlightening the officials to promote the deaf education. Doctors terminated pregnancies to prevent the birth of deaf children (Biesold 144). It is beyond anyones control not to give birth to a deaf child. Doctors ought to understand this fact more than anyone else does. I feel horrified to learn that doctors risked the lives of the mother and their uninnate(p) chil d by performing an abortion of hexad months The doctors were not sure that the unborn child is deaf. This practice was unfair and uncalled for, bringing pain and misery n the lives of the expecting mothers and their families (Biesold 145). Many deaf couples do not have children. This has made their lives unbearable and lonely. The horrific and sinister turns of events of 1939 were unbearable. Nazi authority killed deaf persons (Biesold 145). The authority referred to them as useless eaters. I feel that the government instead of referring to any person as, useless they should at least show concern because it is not for their wish to be born in that condition. A government should protect her citizen and Nazi government should have stood to their initial policy of protect and providing for their citizen (Biesold 146).

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