Thursday, November 21, 2019

Individual research brief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Individual research brief - Essay Example Most of the company clients are famous and reputable restaurants, but it has not been selling to the general public as yet. Because the company has strong hold in the market of France, UK and Austria they would start their research from the same place. This would help them have a better understanding of what the general public is expecting from the product and what opinion they have about the restaurant quality of food that is on the list of Farina supplies. A research has to be conducted in the similar manner, the higher management of the company has decided to hire a team which could help them undertake the research and provide them with a research brief. They have had conversation over the phones and email correspondence which have highlighted the main research objectives. These research objectives would enable to target the right area and right target. Along with the target audience it will also help the researchers to find the methods they would adopt and what are the financial and procurement requirements for the research. In the end they would briefly explain their expected results and how long would they require to complete the research brief. The main objective of the paper is to observe and examine the attitude of the customer towards using Olive Oil at homes. It will give a wholesome view of the olive oil market along with the consumption of the product by the household and other users (Writings, 2014). The main objective have been divided further into three simple parts. The first part of the objective is to examine how oil are used in domestic settings, and what are the customer requirements. The objective to establish the understanding that how many households are using the product and how satisfied are they. It will also discover what kind of olive oil they are using and would also generate results of the expected product from the makers. The second part of the objective is to

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