Sunday, October 6, 2019

Raising and countering objections regarding the decision to get an MBA Essay

Raising and countering objections regarding the decision to get an MBA - Essay Example It is also a fact that earning an MBA degree will not automatically grant you a management or executive position-you must have essential skills and experience as well. WHY ONLY THE MBA: For nearly all individuals, advanced education college, technical school, graduate studies, and company training increase employability and average income. Many jobs require minimum education levels to even be considered. For example, I believe every country requires new teachers to have a bachelor’s degree in education. To be a layer you must have a graduate degree in law and the same for medicine and engineering. Individuals planning on college should look at the lifelong income they can expect from a degree. For example very bright student who go into teaching should expect must lower lifetime income than a business major. It’s also important to know that getting masters in education will keep you out of teaching. The schools will not pay for a MA degree in a new hire, they can hire a BA for much less. Only when you have time, you should consider getting the MA. In the case of PHD any jobs do not reward workers for having a PHD, so there is less motivation to get a PHD (expect among college professors). Many careers such as business accounting and law do not demand PHD so there are few people with these degrees. Coming back at my point generally for business the MBA is considered the terminal or highest degree. However mixing a specialty with an MBA can increase income such as Engineer w/ MBA or MD with MBA who can run a company or organization. Simply the MBA can work as evergreen degree. People object that MBA has lost his worth now: People object that MBA has lost his worth in current economic condition where the employment level is increasing with stunning speed. But according to my research MBA still have certain advantages those can beat all the objections. Better hiring opportunities: As general rule it is considered that more education means more earning . But according to me this rule is especially true for MBA. Many of the Companies have decided to increase their hiring of MBA. According to Corporate Recruiters Survey 2011 Unemployment rates in both the United States and the European Union reached 10-year highs throughout 2009 and 2010. But the 2011 MBA class can breathe easier, however, when it comes to finding a job, as hiring for new MBA graduates trends in a positive direction. In addition simply the MBA is the key door to enter in the world of reputed organizations. Better earning opportunities: Because of MBA you will earn higher salary because of your skills. . According to Corporate Recruiters Survey 2011 84% of employers are offering the MBA’s a benefit package in addition to their salaries. According to United Stated department for labors the management occupations have the higher pay scales in relation with other occupations. This simply shows the worth of MBA degree as a lifesaver. Better relationships: MBA is t he other name of relationships. Being a MBA you are able to deal with every kind of person. For example a manager with a MBA degree with the specialization in Marketing is able to tackle and deal a lot of people at a time in efficient manner. Better skills: Being an MBA you can polish your skills in efficient manner. MBA program is designed especially for business skills. With the help of MBA, you will have much of the knowledge,

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