Thursday, June 6, 2019

Body Paragraphs Essay Example for Free

Body Paragraphs EssayThere get down been thousands of studies done on the effectuate of television on children. Most of these studies contract leaned toward the negative effects that television has on children. According to a study by the University of Michigan, even though television can have positive effects it can also affect the health, behavior and family life of children in negative ways. Also while studies have been done on the effects that television has on children under the age of two there has been no clear evidence on the effects. both(prenominal) studies have shown that it whitethorn lead to learning and attention problems, yet not the experts have agreed this is true.Children atomic number 18 pecking more and more violence on television every day. Even in G rated movies children be subject to violent acts. All we have to do is look at some of the Disney movies over the years. While Snow White was a positive public assistance person that was nice to everyo ne, she was still killed by the wicked witch. The movie the Lion King shows children how Scar plotted the death of Mufasa and it shows Simba coming back for revenge. Then you have cartoons worry The Simpsons and Family Guy. These show play up the use of foul language, violence, and disrespecting everyone, especially your p arents. The characters on these shows have become idols. Bart Simpson and Stewie have become idols to children. They talk like them and act like them. They think that when they are violent or they curse or when they disrespect their parents it is funny and something that they should do.An average American child will see 200,000 violent acts and 16,000 murders on TV by the age of 18 ( This viewing of violent acts are desensitizing are children to violence. They are becoming less mindful of violent acts or just dont care that much when they happen right in front ofthem. There is a research circulate that was written in 2009 by Brad J. Bushman a nd Craig A. Anderson called Comfortably Numb The Desensitizing Effects of Violent Media on Helping Others.This research shows the how violence in movies and on television desensitizes people to violent acts or the plights of others around them. They are also their fear of the world is increased. They are seeing that not only the bad guys are violent but the high-priced guys are extremely violent and that they get away with the violence. Children are not sure who they can trust or who is good. Some even see that by becoming the good guy you can get away with more bad behavior. According to, TV characters often furnish risky behaviors, such as smoking and drinking, these same characters are reinforcing gender-role and racial stereotypes.I know that our doctor told my daughter to watch Teen Mom. This show may show the downsides to teen parenthood, in my opinion it has kids thinking it would be cool to have a child and then maybe they could get on television. I have spok en to several different people from my daughters parenting class and I have talked to my daughters Family First specialist. They have agreed that shows like these are not good models for teen moms. Yes, they may show the difficulties that these girls have but they also show these girls still having sex, disrespecting their parents and fighting. Also all have agreed that too much television and television that is not supervised can be harmful to children.According to children who spend too much time in front of the television are more likely to become overweight. Children are spending more time in front of the television which is making them less active. They do not go outside and play sports or socialize with other children. Children are more likely to constantly snack while watching television. These are not ever so healthy snacks. They are things like cookies and chips. They see the commercials for these and their minds tell them that they want them. By constraini ng the time that your children are watching television you will be capable to help them become more active and more sociable.On the reverse side of this situation, though, is that some of the negativitycan be reduced as unyielding as parents limit the amount of time that children spend in front of the television. It has been suggested that no more than 2-3 hours a day of television for older children and 1-2 hours of television for jr. children. Also parents need to supervise and be aware of what their children are watching. Television can be a learning experience as long as parents draw back the time to talk to their children about what is being watched on television.Parents can also be a positive role model for their children by limiting the time they watch television. They need to watch more positive programs when they are watching television with their children. If there is something bad on the show they need to take the time to explain to their children the behavior that they saw on the television program was not appropriate and why it wasnt appropriate.

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