Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sample of personal statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sample of - Personal Statement ExampleAlthough their business was relatively sensitive but it still taught me the importance of money and the need to manipulate money effectively. Those early memories shake evoked my interest for the monetary world. I have interned at the international trading department of Bank of chinaware and at Huaxi Securities during the time of my placement. It was during these internships that I got first-hand experience of analysing the system from inside. The interest gradu wholey translated into buying stocks in China. That be to be a profitable experience in fact, as I successfully booked kale on those stocks. But my happy experience suffered a jerk when the news came somewhat the mortgage and denotation crisis. I stimulated that the networking of economies from around the world has led to proliferation of credit crisis in all connected economies. It all started off from US sub-prime crisis, leading to failure of couple of banks and the trend grad ually spread to other countries. in spite of best efforts from around major economies to contain the damage, the credit crisis is far from over yet. I feel such situations are the best opportunities to learn more(prenominal) about the financial market management. This is the practical experience of the gamble element associated with different types of investments in the financial market. ... Therefore, having studied mathematics during three years of under-graduation, I have prepared myself to learn more about the financial management jargon. The first two years encyclopedism of pure mathematics taught me the essential analytical skills and cultivate my logic thinking. I also took a a couple of(prenominal) economics modules such as macro micro economics. I do realise that these are the underlying knowledge tips of the economics but I am sure as I gain access code to specialised knowledge base, it testament help me in further polishing my skills. The masters at Leicester Uni versity will surely be the first major step in this direction. The undergraduate course in mathematics has proved to be a big boost to my profile. The program allowed me to integrate theories and analytical skills learned in classroom with my regular job. Taking interactive lectures from learned and experienced professors has been one of the best experiences Ive ever had. I want to continue this growth after Im finished with the undergraduate course by completing the master program. After talking with other students, I realize that the masters program is an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge horizon in key realms of the finance and business field. These classes touch upon the related subjects in financial markets and business operations. I believe it is important not only to gain the theoretical knowledge about the subject but how the theory takes practical shape in business field is much more crucial. I am sure Ill learn these aspects during the course. I have got some e xposure in application during my internship placement at Bank of China and Huaxi Securities. While putting my mathematical knowledge to test, it made me realise the difference between objective and subjective ways of thinking.

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